Der Morgen

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Markus Suckut - the man who dedicated a whole life to electronic music

A super up to date artist with an old school mindset explains us what made him believe lifelong in a dream. Markus is not only a busy dj and producer, but also a rare exception who still takes part of the subculture in both sides of the booth. How can one be able to enjoy clubbing after many hundred gigs? What’s the right way to stay elegant and entertain people at the same time? No question remains unanswered.


Architectural - 2 personalities, 5 questions and 5 answers

A few words about a fruitful carreer of an asturian gentleman living in Barcelona. How to make both of your projects successful? How to stay true to yourself? Is there a connection between architecture and music? He will let you know.


Anetha — The Passion of Music

Anetha is a techno artist from the underground scene of Paris. She quickly won over the most established dance floors of the world and has gained wide recognition as a producer. This incredible young woman let us in on what keeps her going.


A chat with SHDW & Obscure Shape

What leads from Stuttgart to the top of techno? What’s the winning formula for a good artistic collaboration? SHDW and Obscure Shape, founding members of From Another Mind, gave us some answers.


Coffee with Ryan James Ford

He's one of the strongest newcomers, an incredibly gifted producer with premium class labels backing his music, at a point where playing top-notch clubs is not a surprising rarity anymore. Ryan seems like a nice person, humble. We get lost in silly jokes and a lot of laughter. Now I look forward even more to introduce this exceptional artist to Lärm and Budapest on Friday.


The story

Der Morgen is a collection of experiments, derived from our desire is to express and distribute our deep affection for the sphere of sound. We promote and develop forward-thinking electronic music, giving a number of international artists their Budapest debut performance.

Our music is the mirror of our soul:

Vibrant, dark, raw yet elegant.