A chat with SHDW & Obscure Shape

It is not easy to find a free date in your calendar. How can you manage to stay up 3-4 nights and yet deliver constantly good performance? What’s the regeneration like, how do you spend your weekdays?

Our work as DJs and artists involves great discipline. On the weekends we need to follow a strict schedule. Touring can be hard on the body, so health conciusness is vitally important. Enough exercise and a healthy diet are of great value. During the week, we try to relax as much as possible. Making some music, spending time with our partners, etc. For Marco it’s not that easy sometimes, because he also has a fulltime job as a Sales Area manager in a fashion agency, he’ bit of a workaholic.

Stuttgart can be considered your home base and take-off point. What keeps you closely attached to this city?

To us Stuttgart, as well as our beautiful Swabia, represent the sense of home. And home is the place where you feel you belong, where you feel the most comfortable. This is where we grew up und where we started to grow into the scene. We love our culture, the people and the food (Maultaschen!).

What are your future plans for From Another Mind?

We have only just recently released our fourth record. 005 will follow at the end of this year. Furthermore, we’re planning an own podcast series, stay tuned!

Before the ‘merger’ you both had artistic solo projects running. Tell us your winning formula! How do you share the work in the DJ booth and in your studio?

Actually, there is no single recipe for success. If you work together with someone, it’s simply super important to pursue the same vision and to be good friends. When these two things work, it will start the flow eventually and it’s just incredibly fun to implement a common idea. We don’t have any strict rules for sharing the tasks, we’re pretty spontaneous guys. We allow ourselves to be carried by the spirit of the moment, be it in the studio or at a club.

What have you heard about Budapest’s nightlife so far?

Until this point we haven’t heard much about the nightlife in Budapest. Some friends told us it’s a great city, with great, open-minded people. We’re looking forward to the night and to find out for ourselves.

See you on Friday! :)

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