Anetha — The Passion of Music

Anetha is a young artist from the underground scene of Paris. Oscillating between acid lines, melancholic melodies, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves she quickly won over the most established dance floors. As a great collector of vinyl she made her debut as a producer with an excellent EP on Spencer Parker’s imprint Work Them Records, soon to be followed by another including a remix by Antigone. Since, she released her music on Paris-Berlin Reclaim Your City, the Blocaus Series and on the dutch label Anagram.
A deep and pulsating journey.

How did you get involved with electronic music?

I originally come from Bordeaux and I was playing there in small bars and parties for fun, next to my architecture’s studies. I moved to Paris for my master degree 6 years ago, and this city helped me to develop more and more my passion for techno music.
After a year in Paris, I’ve been progressively able to find my place here, and to quickly had the chance to play in the best venues.

Who were your idols back then?

All the underground Berlin scene was, and still is a big source of inspiration for me!

What’s special to you about the scene in Paris? Why is it different than others?

Since about 6 years now, we can notice a comeback to the electronic music scene in Paris. Each weekends, most of the clubs are now proposing a lot of great techno and/or house events. We do not have to envy other countries anymore, and that’s really great!?
Of course, we can still find some differences with other European scenes. If I had to compare, I would say that we maybe still don’t have the same underground vibe as Berlin (as it is still sometimes difficult to organize events in warehouses or original places for example), but we have our special vibe, really festive, and of course a great public, which is maybe younger, but always super motivated, and more and more expert and demanding in this kind of music :)

Who’s your dream b2b partner?

It’s difficult to choose and sometimes hard to find someone, who really matches with your style. My b2b with Stranger at Concrete during the first Blocaus Series release party was really cool! But I would love to try this experience with Blawan or Kobosil.

Which places have left the strongest impressions during your recent travels?

During my gig at Rilindja Warehouse in Kosovo last year I really enjoyed playing in this old printing house. Big time also in Tbilisi, really top and ravy city! And of course, all of my Asian Tour was amazing. Especially Seoul: incredible experience, great food, architecture, peoples & electronic scene!
I hope that Budapest will be one party/city to be remembered too.

Tell us the story of your first release on Work Them!

I had just finished some new tracks, and I uploaded them on a private Soundcloud link to get some feedbacks. The tracks were listened by very few friends and artists, and a couple of days later, I received a message from an unknown Facebook account. At first I was a bit angry, thinking ‘come on guys, I said keep it private please’, until I realized that the message was from (the one and only) Spencer Parker, telling me ‘Hey girl, what’s your plan with these tracks?!’, and you know the rest of the story...
I was very happy and excited when he contacted me, Work Them was one of my favorite label back then (and still is!), and it was kind of a dream for me to release my first EP on such a great imprint. It was my debut EP, so it meant a lot of things for me. It was not easy to show my production to everyone for the first time. Music is primarily a personal experience, but then necessarily becomes something to be shared with the public. It’s also my work to try to make people understand and appreciate what I do and produce, my universe.

Blocaus — what is your role here? With your solo career growing strong, do you still find the time to take part in the background work?

I’m part of the Blocaus project since the very beginning. I met Farouk (who is my manager now) and his brother 5 years ago during a party in Paris, and we quickly discovered that we had the same passion for techno music, and the same ambition to do something for the capital’s night techno scene. They were looking for a resident, and Blocaus was born!
Next to being regularly playing for the parties, I also work with the boys for our label "Blocaus Series" as a co-manager, choosing the artists, remixers, tracks and artworks, etc.
Of course, it is sometimes difficult to deal with all my/our projects, with the gigs and track to produce. But I love my job, so I always find the time to do the background work.

Production: tell us about your working method and equipment!

Due to all my trips, I had to change my way of producing, for something more compact in order to finish my tracks on planes or trains, so I mainly use Ableton and a microphone to record my voice and some noises. But my 2018 goal (or at least one of them ahah) is to buy new hardware and build a new big studio, to focus on new projects, and maybe an album...

What does music mean to you? What’s the message you represent through yours?

Music is of course my passion, before being my job. I have the chance to combine both, and I’m really enjoying it. So that’s why I always try to share it with what and mostly with who is surrounding me. I hope you do the same!

This is exactly why we do what we do. See you on Saturday!