Architectural - 2 personalities, 5 questions and 5 answers

We are safe to say, that Reeko and Architectural are your most successful aliases. Why did you decide to separate your musical projects, and how can you avoid mixing them together during your dj sets or productional work?

The need of doing two separate projects comes when your music is too pigeonholed to a specific style and you want to explore new territories. I have always tried to make my projects conceptual, so this forces me to make a new project by changing the sound. For me this way of producing is more rewarding.

Is the Architectural moniker related to your studies? Did you ever work as an architect? When did you decide to be a full time artist? Did you ever regret this decision?

I never studied architecture. The name is because the music is more laboriously treated track by track. It is a way of building music then calling it some way.

Opposed to others, your social media presence has a great artistic value, and often refers to photographers or movie scenes even from the 1920’s to the contemporary pieces. Is there a strong concept behind your communication or the way you use social media? Is there an aim behind posting fine arts instead of the usual airport or studio shots, post-gig photos?

As you say, I’m a bit tired of the classic airport and sound check photos etc… I simply share all the things that had an effect on me, but it is also good to have an album about the past or some collection to inspire me for future projects. It is a way of self expression I think.

Can you tell us what your creative space looks like? Would you name some of your favorite pieces of equipment?

My studio is something very messy. I have many machines, but I do not have a preferred one, I use all of them differently for each moment.

The Spanish techno scene is extremely fertile and developed, there are countless great talents, dj’s with perfect technic and producers with incredible music. Which other scene did surprise you the most during your travels? Which cities in eastern Europe did you visit, and which one amazed you the most? What do you expect from your show at Lärm this Saturday?

I have been to Prague, Moscow and I’ve also visited Budapest two times already. It is difficult to talk about the scene when you are playing a single gig in one club a night, but I really liked the people of Moscow for example. Also I have good feelings about this Saturday at Lärm, I love to play in smaller, intimate clubs you know, there is always a stronger connection between the crowd and you.