Markus Suckut - the man who dedicated a whole life to electronic music

This will be your third time in Budapest. Did you enjoy the previous shows? Do you have a special moment to remember? What’s your connection like with our city and / or nation?

Yes, first two times have been at Corvin Club and both nights I still remember, which is always a good sign! It was always a good vibe with an open minded crowd and this is special, because you don’t have it that often nowadays

Corvin Club was one of the most significant places in the history of techno in Budapest, also it had an important role in the story of Der Morgen. Since then, Corvin was forced to close and there is still a huge gap in it’s place. What’s your advice for scenes facing difficulties, what were the things which made you stay motivated when you were having hard times?

I’ve heard that Corvin Club had to close the doors - of course this sucks big times. My advice would be to never give up and fight for your rights. You have a lot of moments where things doesn’t go well in your life, but good friends help you through and simply don’t stop doing your thing... It’s easy to say and I often have to force myself to do it, but I’m always glad that I never gave up!

Beside producing, dj-ing and running a label, have you ever been or are you active as a promoter? Are you still going out sometimes? What does an ideal club-event look like for you? What are your expectations regarding venues, crowd, staff or dj’s you appear in lineups with?

Well I had a few options to do some things as a promoter but I don’t think that I would do a good job.
I still go out to clubs in private, whenever I have a weekend off and there is a nice lineup around the corner. I am thankful that I still do that, because it helps a lot to understand whats going on in „real life“ and you get a lot of inspiration and meet nice people. I stopped to have any expectations when I have to play somewhere, because expectations are always bigger than reality and you can be disappointed in the end. I always hope that there is a nice crowd and when the staff and the promoter are nice it just can be a good night - simple as that.

How would you describe your character in a few words? What type of person do people see in the dj booth while you are playing? What’s your best skill in entertaining people?

I am a super relaxed and calm person which is always up for having fun, I would say. I am not that type of DJ which made a dance or entertain course to gain more people in social media - I am most of the time in a tunnel while I dj, which maybe seems to be a bit boring to some people, but I am kinda old school. If I’m at a club, I am there for the music and not to look at a DJ doing weird dance moves, you know what I mean?
My best skill to entertain people is maybe telling mad and rude jokes while having a beer together in a pub.

We think there are similarities between you and Yan Cook, the other headliner of the night, but do you have a common past? Have you ever played together before? What are your thoughts about his music? Is there any chance of you remixing each-other or appearing on the same release?

Actually we’ve never met or never have been in contact before. I own a few records from him and I like his style for sure but I don’t think that our paths will cross on a release - but never say never.

You have a successful career and it’s visible how serious you take what you are doing currently, but what was your passion before techno came? How do you spend your spare time, how can you keep the balance between nightlife and “normal” weekdays, how do you recover from shows?

Well I am into electronic music since I am 11 years old, before that I have spend all my time with building LEGO (laughs). Of course I am taking this whole thing serious, but I never forget to enjoy what I do. I think thats the main drive for me - otherwise I wouldn’t go to the studio and make music. My mother passed away this year and I’ve learned a lot through that. I am super sad that this had to happen first, but after this happened I really try to do my best to spend most of the free time I’ve got with people I love and respect - everything else is a waste of time in my eyes.
I am not quite sure, but my surrounding knows and respects what I do, so when I come back home from a gig I always have a few hours for myself to relax, watch a movie or simply sleep and rest.